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What's Next for Accounting? - Issue #45

What's Next for Accounting?
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🤖 Automate My Thing
Text With Your QuickBooks File!
😅 Moderate 🕰️ 30 minutes
Do you struggle to build relationships with other humans? What if you could slide into the DMs of your favorite accounting file?
Let’s build a basic SMS interface to access bill data. You could extend this to support any API-accessible aspect of an accounting file, QuickBooks, Xero or otherwise.
We’re using Make this time since Zapier’s QBO connector doesn’t support searching for bills. See this podcast episode for deciding when to use Zapier vs Make.
5 steps:
  1. Trigger on an incoming text message - I’m using Twilio here, but this could be any API-enabled phone system that receives SMS. Ringcentral, Openphone that sort of thing.
  2. A router that filters based on the message - in this case “Bills”.
  3. Search the QuickBooks file for all bills with a balance > 0, and sort them in order of due date.
  4. Build the text that we want to send back via SMS. For each bill, it grabs the vendor name, balance, and due date.
  5. Send an SMS with the text from #3 back to whoever sent the original SMS.
💪 Hard Mode
Build branching-logic to support more functionality, and connect the same thing to your MS Teams or Slack.
If you end up deep-diving on this check out my podcast episode about chat bot tools, which would be the most robust way to build out a comprehensive version of this.
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