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What's Next for Accounting? - Issue #44

What's Next for Accounting?
I did a fun video this week, coaching a $1M legacy firm on how to become a more modern practice. It was the result of this thread which collected feedback from 50+ other firm owners, and is among the most useful videos I I’ve ever done.

🤖 Automate My Thing
Automated Journal Entry Posting
👶Easy 🕰️15 minutes
Did you know you can automatically post journal entries to QB and Xero with Zapier and Make?
Here’s an example I recently went through with a friend. They have an Airtable form they’ve given a client to log mileage. Whether the trigger is an Airtable form, a mileage app or anything else, the process would be the same.
The scenario starts with a trigger that the mileage is submitted, and you post to the books some sort of expense, and mileage reimbursement payable.
If you’re new to all this, check out my CPE-eligible Cloud Automation Series.
💪Hard Mode
How could you build a single automation to support multiple clients/submitters?
If your trigger is an Airtable form submission, you could use hidden prefilled fields to share the same form with a number of different clients/users. Then create branching paths in your automation to post to the correct accounting file, based on who submitted it.
It isn’t perfect, someone could theoretically change with client ID in the URL, but… that would be a weird thing to do. I’d use a branded link shortener for each client’s link as well. There may be a better interface than a web form for this also. Like a mobile app.
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Jason Staats 🔨
Let's crowd-source some advice for this anonymous firm:

💰 $150k/yr Revenue
🛠 100% Accounting
🌎 Virtual based in big city
👥 2 Founders & 1 Junior

Losing money, struggling to grow, unsure of how to increase the size of their practice

All the dirty deets below:
Jason Staats 🔨
Accountants are like can I get an eta on those robuts
Jason Staats 🔨
The best tools give you that AHAH moment as soon as you see them

It clicks and you wonder how you made it this far without it

My three biggest AHAH moment apps for accountants right now 👇
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