What's Next for Accounting? - Issue #43





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What's Next for Accounting?
We recently launched a call-in radio show, AutomationShow, inside my podcast, AutomationTown.
It’s a little more accessible for non-nerds and now I can overspend on voice actors.
We’ve automated cribbage scheduling for an elderly gentleman, developed a rivalry with neighboring town Manualsberg and made a run at the 7 o'clock program CopulationShow.

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Meet the first workflow system that makes getting client answers a breeze
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AutomationTown | For When You Need a Template
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Jason Staats 🔨
The best accounting stuff on Reddit this week 🧵

"You should have everything you need" https://t.co/pnB8pTBBeZ
😍From The Community
Software Demos - We often have vendors in to demo their app if they agree to let us record the demo, and share it within our community. It’s a great low-risk way to discover new tech & avoid the usual sales process. We’ve done 20+ demos now, most recently LittleNewt, Uncat and Canopy.
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Jason Staats
Jason Staats @jstaatscpa

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