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What's Next for Accounting? - Issue #40

What's Next for Accounting?
I’m running a live automation event 90 minutes from now! A Framework To Automate Anything in your Firm.

🔨 Tool Time
  • SimplyWise raises $6M - A mobile document scanning app for capturing & organizing receipts
  • LiveFlow Templates - A library of Google Sheet templates that integrate with your QuickBooks
  • Atomic Sheets - A whole bunch of Google Sheet templates
  • Openflow - A new API connector, like Zapier
  • Time tracking in Notion not that that’s a thing you’d do 🏃‍♂️💨
  • Sleepagotchi - Be rewarded with 1 NFT every morning you wake up, and 2 if you got a good nights sleep
🧠 That's Neat
I'm a CPA with a Stream Deck and it has been the best thing ever | Why I Bought This Tech
💎This Week's Sponsor
👷‍♀️ This Week I Made
AutomationTown | For When Your Notifications Are Out Of Control
🐴 Social Roundup
Jason Staats 🔨
What have you tasked admins with in your biz?

A common trend I see in great businesses is the admin team is getting into the technical stuff
Jason Staats 🔨
What companies in the tax space have the coin to produce a TV show centered on the plight of a tax accountant?

@canopytax probably, who else? I don't think old money will go for it, and tax isn't really @FloQastStudios' lane
Jason Staats 🔨
What's your best client billing story?

Awkward, triggering, idiot client stuff
😍From The Community
My community Realize is a private space for people to swap ideas & collaborate. At $120/mo it’s also the way I finance everything else I do, pay a full-time creative director, and a part-time developer in an effort to make the accounting industry a slightly better place 💗 The community is currently about 160 members strong.
🕵️‍♂️Where to Find Me
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Jason Staats
Jason Staats @jstaatscpa

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