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What's Next for Accounting? - Issue #31

What's Next for Accounting?
The third season of mastermind groups kick off soon in my accountant community! Signups close 5/31. Here’s an explainer from season 1 of mastermind groups. For me personally, masterminds have been my highest ROI peer learning experience.

🔨 Tool Time
NixSheets “Accounting Simplified” - Clearly in the “let’s put a bunch of generic stuff on a landing page” stage. Digits was there for 18 months but to be fair its taken a positive turn.
Chooly - A mobile app for personal finance that generates a proper balance sheet and P&L. On iOS & Android.
Margin Calculator - The bar to provide value is lower than you think.
A ton of asynchronous video apps:
  • Bubbles - Reply to videos, and comment on the video timeline
  • Tape - Topical threaded video discussions
  • Vadoo - Sell access to your videos
  • Claap - Feedback & markup around your videos. More of an integrations focus as well
🤓 For Advanced Users
A unified API for processing payouts via Stripe, Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, ACH, debit/credit, gift cards or crypto, based on recipient preference. Are payments becoming a feature?
HackerForms - Automatically generate web UIs from your Python scripts.
🧠 That’s Neat
One Outlook - MS has been working on a single Outlook app to rule them all. It turns out it’s just the Outlook web app with a couple new bells & whistles.
Airtable’s new integration with Miro - Really excited about this, Airtable will now sync data in from a Miro canvas. So you whiteboard things in Miro, manage items visually on an infinite canvas, but those items will sync back to Airtable. This marries the automation possibilities of a database with a freeform multiplayer whiteboard canvas.
Kate Johnson has as T-Account mouse pad. Get it here.
It turns out the joke’s on us you can just add /purgeaccount to the end of the URL, and it wipes out everything in the file 🤔
Jacob Schroeder
@JWellsCFO @JStaatsCPA @ChrisHervochon Add /purgecompany to the url and you can wipe the company file within 60 days of creating it. This clears the default COA and allows you to upload your own
I recently did a bit as “Ulysses Cornflower”, a 19th century tax preparer. Check out the vid from NGMI.
Jason Staats 🔨
Meet Ulysses Cornflower! A 19th century tax professional
I’ve learned everything I know stealing ideas from other people, so I’ll put reader questions here. Have a question? Just reply to this email!
Hey you ever dabbled in Auto Hot key?
I used to use it a bunch! I’ve moved more toward RPA tools for “attended” stuff, as it’ll do the keyboard macros in addition to more complex UI interactions.
A use case like this being an example of something I would’ve tried to hodge-podge together with macros in the past [QBO bank rule automation video]
Any comments on TaxDome?
I’d say give it a try and form your own opinion. Firms are run so differently, client bases are so different, the right app is super contextual to your firm IMO.
Do you think it would be a good idea to look for a smaller firm rather than working for bigger accounting firms? I heard I could get better work life balance but I wouldn’t learn as much as I would in a bigger public firm.
That’s the same advice I’d give - upside of big firm is fantastic training resources, usually better money, and a great resume builder. Upside of (some, but definitely not all!) small firm is better balance.
For me it would depend on what season of life I was in. If I was pre-kid, still single I’d sweat it out at big firm since it’s great technical experience. Post marriage, definitely post kids I’d never do big firm.
👷‍♀️ This Week I Made
7 Reasons Your Accountant Extended Your Tax Return
7 Reasons Your Accountant Extended Your Tax Return
How The Advance Child Tax Credit Actually Went
How The Advance Child Tax Credit Actually Went
AutomationTown | For When You Have An Important Email
🐴Social Roundup
Jason Staats 🔨
What's the accountant's equivalent of spitting in a customer's food?
A couple videos from a session I did with Nayo at AccountingWeb
😍From The Community
Trending Topics
My community Realize is a private space for people to swap ideas & collaborate. At $120/mo it’s also the way I finance everything else I do, pay a full-time creative director, and a part-time developer in an effort to make the accounting industry a slightly better place 💗 The community is currently 126 members strong.
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