What's Next for Accounting? - Issue #50





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What's Next for Accounting?

🤖 Automate My Thing
Convert Emails to PDF
I receive a bunch of recurring emails where I need the body in PDF format, either to route to a bill pay system, attach to an accounting transaction, or send to a file system.
I shared how I generate these PDFs on an automated basis, by simply tagging the email.
Make this even more intelligent by adding more context to your tags:
  • “PDF - Include attachments” - Roll up all the attachments + the body into a single email
  • “PDF - Attachments only” - Combine all the attachments into a single PDF
  • “PDF - Include Attachments > Save to Dropbox”
  • “PDF > Send to Xero”
  • “PDF > Send to 8 related company files” etc
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👷‍♀️ This Week I Made
AutomationTown | S02E08 | For When You Need An Airtable
😍From The Community
On the two year anniversary of the launch of Realize, we surpassed 200 members! 🎉
My community Realize is a private space for people to swap ideas & collaborate. At $120/mo it’s also the way I finance everything else I do, pay a full-time creative director, and a part-time developer in an effort to make the accounting industry a slightly better place 💗 The community is currently about 200 members strong.
🕵️‍♂️Where to Find Me
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Jason Staats
Jason Staats @jstaatscpa

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